Schedule Codes HOT YOGA is in our Sun Space. HS = Hot  WS = Warm (reduced heat). Non-heated is new web schedule 2in our Moon Space. M. (In winter, wear warmer and layered clothing.) Breath and levels (B1,B2,B3,B6+) explained below Schedule and My YOuGA Journey. ALL CLASSES ARE DROP-IN K = Karma Community Class R = Registration Required.


See full week profile at a glance by clicking right image. Schedule below is always current. The table is for illustration & overview purposes only. 

Breath and levels The essence of yoga is connection with your breath. Breathing is more than taking in oxygen, more than inhaling and exhaling when teachers guide you.  In yogic breathing, you connect with your Breath of Life and the Cosmic Life Force. Be Breath, intentionally focus on your breath as it leads your movement and explores a holding pose. In between your inhale and exhale, feel stillness and peacefulness, feel what you are Becoming. In each breath, go deeper and feel how your yogic breath connection is changing and transforming you. In breathing, you are balancing your spiritual energies with your embodied earthy connections. Classes are classified by Breath-On (B codes) to focus you on intentional mindful breathing. The B codes also reflect yoga experiences: beginner, intermediate, advanced. In B1 (Breath On 1), most movements will flow on one breath cycle, and is an advanced class. A B2 (Breath on 2) would move after two breaths, and is intermediate. In B3 (Breath On 3), there is a longer holding period of poses and movements flow after three full breath cycles. This is considered a beginner class. In B6+ (Breath on 6 or more), the breath cycles are longer within a holding position. If there is no B designation, the class is open to all. Teachers will modify the breath cycles within classes when appropriate. If there is no B code then the class is appropriate for all levels.

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