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Regrettably, Aum Center Yoga will close on August 31, 2015. Please email for more information.

Huge Sale of yoga props and virtually everything in studio  Saturday, Sunday 11 am – 4 pm & Monday 11 am – 7 pm.

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Looking for an amazing breath and meditational yoga class in the downtown Toronto core? A yoga community with heart? Feel our community vibe – you’ll feel at h’aum. Experience your powerful prana/breath for calming, meditation, strength and power in diverse yogas. Our spiritual, holistic health and wellness vision in Yoga Wisdom is move, meditate, live.

We have 2 spacious studios for both Hot Yoga and Cool Yoga classes with natural cork floors.  Yoga, with over 2000 positions, is the original cross training and functional fitness bodywork. To provide this diversity –  Yoga+ – we offer Yoga Breath, Core Fitness, and Dance Movement classes.  There are over 30 different classes and our schedule has 70 classes each week, providing variety, choice and flexibility in your busy life.  We represent Yogas in Toronto as we celebrate diverse yoga for unique people. We have Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Core Yoga, Flow, Pilates, Yin, Restorative, Kundalini, and numerous innovative core fitness, HITT Athletic, Functional Fitness and fusion playful dance classes.

Aum Yoga Center offers Yoga Alliance’s internationally recognized Certified Yoga Teacher Training – with a solid grounding in diverse teaching styles. (Read more about this personalized Teacher Training schedule that meets your busy schedule.)

Explore and experience the full breath and depth of YOGA Wisdom.  You engage in mindfulness – filling your mind and body in breath. You will learn that yoga breathing is more than just following teachers’ instructions to inhale and exhale in certain sequencing or staying quiet while breathing. Your breath is your internal teacher in yoga and we will guide you to this amazing vitality and energy within you.

Our affordable, accessible and economic community pricing is aum center is not MCYOGAthe best in the city for a downtown yoga studio. With this fair community pricing, you can do yoga as pricing should not be a barrier to your yoga growth. Compare our best value pricing.


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Students 20% OFF

Students 20% OFF

Our ground floor studio is located at College and Spadina, nearby the University of Toronto, Kensington Market, Chinatown, Little Italy, Annex, Discovery District, Queen West.

Exited about new yoga possibilities? The table gives you an illustrated week view of our extensive schedule.  This incredible schedule and diversity of yoga styles and practices are all available in one place. (Hit Schedule for daily details.)

Beginners’ New Yoga Journey  

begin fun yougaNew to yoga? You’ve taken the most important step – deciding to do yoga. You will learn there are many pathways for learning and experiencing Yoga – initially finding something that is just right for you and then doing varieties of yoga to expand your awareness.  Evolve in YOuGA – yourself in yoga. Love your yoga journey. Many of our classes are small so you receive personalized teaching.

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Discover and feel the restorative sound of aum in our community.  Connect to a deeper understanding of your spirituality in yoga. In peace, namaste. Listen to an amazing collection on YouTube.

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Our studio is your passport to prana – a connection of your breath in many forms and practices. You will breathe yoga as your breath is your teacher. In this friendly and authentic studio, teachers will get to know your personally, guide and teach you as you evolve into a deeper meditative yogic experience.  While we respect lineages for their wonderful insights, no Yoga approach can claim their’s is the ‘better’ practice. There are over 2000 yoga asanas, so how can one style capture them all? Each represents a growth of Yoga Wisdom, be it Sivananda Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Mysore and Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Power Yoga, Hot Yoga & Kundalini Yoga. Aum’s yoga center Toronto studio has these varieties of yoga classes. You choose BeHot BeCool and in between. We honour each tradition as each provides windows and opening into our breath, self, soul. No matter what direction you come from – north, south, east, west – we are the center for your yoga journey. You will also maintain a good life in your core fitness, training and health expectations.  Want to be hard candy, a strong and toned yoga body, with a delicious soft loving sweet core? Come h’aum to yourself rather than follow an external yoga body consumerist body image.

Aum’s yoga space is a yoga sanctuary, a space to set personal intentions within a meditative spiritual connection. A gyan yoga for one seeking knowledge, a yoga tree that has different branches with a strong roots and foundations.  A place to find I am yoga – YOuGA or iam yoga –  and to move beyond, within YOuGA to moksha yoga, a liberation in feeling aum’s universal spirituality. Aum Center builds on these traditions in an organic wholistic experience so you do not get a fragmented and limited vision in YOGA’s Wisdom. Yoga is always wholistic, a union of mind, body, spirit – all in union within our breath, within the center of our beings – our hearts. Find your tula yoga, a balance within yourself. Stop asking ‘why yoga’? – yyoga and discover the answers in yoga – about yourself.  Come experience Aum Center Yoga and as we provide yoga pathways for your unique journey, a pathway that is always grounded in your center – your heart and in spiritual traditions that meet within aum and its centering of humanity’s cosmological consciousness.  Explore your limits and boundaries – become sima, no limits, no boundaries – Truth-filled Spirit in yoga. You will find your favourite yoga positions styles and have the opportunity to expand your yoga horizons. Explore the fuller personal depths of you in Yoga – YOuGA. Take care of yourself in the hectic, stress-filled world. Aum Center is in the center of the city with its cacophony of sights and sounds. Aum is meditation in the city, within yourself, not in the withdraw into an artificial serenity and stylistic environment. The serene and holistic feeling will come from your breath and meditative practice.  At Aum, the calm is within YOuGA.   Experience stillness and mindfulness, become in-tune with your body, increase health and vitality, and increase your flexibility and strength. You will experience the organic benefits of Yoga that friends and health practitioners promote. Our community do not judge you on your body and practice — all bodies are honoured. With a committed and sustained practice, YOGA Wisdom will change you – YOuGA. Discover your full complexity of being, become the multifaceted jewel inside you and all your glorious potential possibilities. With mindfulness: your mind filled with breath,  and exploring diverse yoga experiences, you will discover your uniqueness. Find happiness in your pure joy of inward exploration, experience your spirit find peace and compassion. Practice ahimsa yoga: respect for all beings in non-violence and non-judgement. Join our kula yoga, an h’aum spiritual community, our diverse village yoga. Come to our Summit Lounge, our yoga lounge to share life stories.  Enjoy and explore movements in your intuitive body, its healing energies, its glowing vibrancy. Find authentic, your root yoga and bliss yoga. Have fun.

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